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Here’s a 2-part video featuring Evan Grimm, head trainer and regional sales manager at Audeze (pronounced ah-de-zee). Our own Christina Wright spoke with Evan at our Music Matters 2018 seminar.

Cutting-edge technology

Most headphones use inexpensive, dynamic cone drivers in standard sizes that are mass-produced by just a few original equipment manufacturers. These dynamic cone drivers have serious design limitations that can cause slow transient response and limit performance. Plus, the dynamic driver assembly has lots of glue joints that can degrade over time and cause the sound to get progressively worse.

Audeze headphones, on the other hand, employ cutting-edge planar magnetic headphone technology for more accurate, high-quality audiophile sound. This high-end planar magnetic technology connects you to your favorite artists and musicians as if you were right there at the original event.

Audeze offers a great line of over-ear, on-ear and in-ear high-performance headphones.

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We invite you to watch the two videos below: