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Hi my name is Brian Norman. Welcome back to TechTip Tuesday here in Colorado Springs. Today’s topic will be on audio. Specifically the differences between TV speakers and supplemental audio options like sound bars, surround sound systems, and basic 2 channel set ups.

One of the biggest questions we have on a regular basis is why does my new TV sound different than our old big screen TV did. One of the biggest reasons is that the older TVs were much larger and deeper allowing room for speakers to fit inside them. With TV’s today being so thin there isn’t space for speakers due to the aesthetic designs. So with that in mind we will go over a few possibilities for making a new TV sound as good as possible without spending a whole lot of money.

For demonstration purposes we have taken the back off of a TV to show you how small the speakers are in today’s TVs. Note that they are smaller than the average person’s hand. These are downward firing speakers meaning the sound is all directed at the floor or cabinet not at the listener. This will cause an echoing effect and will mute the sound. Between the size and the direction of the speakers this why your TV doesn’t sound as good as your old style TV did.
Here is an example of an on wall surround sound home theater setup that is on display in the showroom. It makes full use of today’s modern technology with blu-ray and satellite. If the room you have doesn’t fit surround sound then there are also sound bars by companies like ZVOX that the TV can sit on top of or can wall mount. Sound bars provide all the processing for you and give you a simulated surround effect. A basic two channel system works very well to enhance the TV sound and also provides a stereo set up for listening to music.
Come in and we will be happy to work with you to find the best solution to make your TV sound as good as it looks. See more on our video.