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The incomperable Yo-Yo Ma

The incomparable Yo-Yo Ma

UPDATE: Maybe we weren’t the only ones who thought this wonderful boxed set of Yo-Yo Ma’s music might have been out of reach for many fans. We just received word that the disc has dropped nearly $300 to a much more reasonable $494. Now we know that’s still a lot, but considering it includes 90 discs (never mind the lavish book inside), that reduces the per-disc price to about $5.50. Buy it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders.

ORIGINAL POST: A lavish, new boxed-set of music is getting a lot of attention for the number of discs included and its high price.  And no, we’re not talking the Beatles, even though the Fab Four just released a set with 16 discs that retailed for about $200.

We’re talking the 90-disc (that’s right, 90) boxed set, with a 312-page booklet, of superstar cellist Yo-Yo Ma, he of the Obama Inauguration and Ted Kennedy funeral performances. Retail price is $789, and don’t expect Wal-Mart to sell it exclusively as a loss leader. Order it now at the cellist’s site so you can start listening the moment it comes out on Oct. 27 from Sony Masterworks.

It’s worth noting the cellist isn’t the longest-winded (can you say that about a cellist?) when it comes to classical music compilations. Although he’s well ahead of a 38-disc set devoted to director Herbert von Karajan, he’s not in the same league as a 155-disc complete set of Bach or a 170-CD Mozart box, both from Brilliant Classics. Read more in the New York Times.

Not feeling that ambitious with your music buying? This week’s biggest new release may well be “Love is the Answer,” the latest from Barbra Streisand, collaborating with the amazing Dianne  Krall. But the word is Krall does not sing and her piano’s hardly front and center, which we view as a missed opportunity. “I and Love and You” from the rising folk trio The Avett Brothers figures to draw some attention, as will “Closer to the Bone” by Kris Kristofferson.

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