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My Name is David Huddleston and I’m the Branch Manager at ListneUp’s Colorado Springs Store. My tip today is about a very common question. What is the best way to connect my speaker wire to the amp or the speaker? While there is no simple answer, there are a few guidelines you can follow. (See video)

First, the very best connection is always going to be bare wire. You want to get a good mechanical crush. By mechanical crush I mean when you tighten up the connector inside the binding post it actually slightly crushes the wire within the post. The advantage of it is you really create a physical connection between the binding post and the wire.

The second best connection is going to be spades. While you aren’t really crushing the bare conductor itself, when you put the spade in you can crush it down with the binding post — so that is second best. The nice thing about spades is that they are easier to switch out. You will also be able to see little marks on the spade when it has been pinched down.

The third and my personal favorite are banana connectors. They are spring loaded and fit in the hole on the binding post, and with that spring-loaded action you almost get a crush bearing out on the connector. You slide your wire in and use the allen tool to tighten the conductor down,  which creates a mechanical crush between the allen srew and the wire and makies a good physical connection within the banana conductor. When you insert that in the binding post it makes a nice a snug fit. The nice thing about this is it is easy to work on, fits in when a spade won’t, and is the easiest to make equipment changes to. It also keeps you from damaging binding posts by over tightening them. With banana conductors you are getting the best of both worlds.

That is today’s Tech Tip. Stop into ListenUp with your questions and check back for our next Tech Tip.

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