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woodtsockGeorge Feltenstein of Warner Home Video recently told that the studio has spent more than $6 million to bring Woodstock, The Wizard of Oz, North by Northwest and Gone with the Wind to Blu-ray. Why spend all that money on older films? Feltenstein’s answer points to the format’s continued growth:  “The kind of movies I love are not available on Blu-ray, and they’re not going to be available on Blu-ray until the player base gets bigger, and that’s why we’re biting the bullet and bringing classics to Blu-ray so we can broaden the base.” Read the interview.

Warner is doing more than reissue the classics on Blu-ray. They also just announced that, beginning in the first quarter of 2010, all its new releases will be Blu-ray combo packs: Blu-ray Disc of the film with special features, a standard-definition DVD and a downloadable digital copy of the film.  And that’s at no additional cost.

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