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The first wave of advanced 3D at home products, including the first stereoscopic Blu-ray Disc players and titles, are closer than you think,  according to

DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg gave this potential new business segment a big nod at last week’s 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles In his keynote at last year’s conference, Katzenberg said 3D at home products were a long way off, but he cited a flurry of development that bring 3D at home closer to reality sooner. The report suggested Sony and Panasonic have committed to 2010 launches of 3D TVs and Blu-ray players.

“It will be a number of years before you get to deep penetration, but we still will see a robust market that will begin to emerge in 2010,” Katzenberg said.


So how to best see all this new 3D content? One answer came out of the 3D Entertainment Summit: designer and prescription glasses with 3D compatible lenses.

While Real D hasn’t made a formal announcement, executive Michael Lewis tipped the story after Fox Sports chairman David Hill said “I have two teenaged girls, and they don’t want to go on dates looking like they’re going to do some spot welding,” Hill said.

Lewis responded that designer Real D glasses, including Gucci designs, will be available “in certain outlets” before “Avatar” opens in December. They might even offer glasses for toddlers. Read more.

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