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UPDATE (May 24): The folks at SFGate and Smart Company offer more details on Google TV.

What’s the most important consumer electronic gadget in your house? Your computer? Your iPhone? Your home audio system? Maybe they are now, but recent signs now seem to suggest that your TV will be the center of your universe. Here are three reasons why:

Increasing sources of content: Google recently announced its internet TV software, called Smart TV. The search powerhouse — along with Sony, Intel and Logitech — has created software for TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes that will allow you to flip from your current TV viewing to web sontent, your home video and much more. Here’s what the LA Times and CNET wrote about the software.

Increased ability to download apps: By 2015, nearly 6 in 10 TVs shipped worldwide will have a network connection and 70 percent of those units will ship with an embedded app platform and app store, according to a new report from Gigaom Pro. In all, some 3.7 million apps will be downloaded in 2010 and that number will grow to 965 million by 2015. Read more. How about using your TV to make calls on Skype?

TVs will continue to improve in quality: Not only will TVs become more efficient and offer increasingly high quality reproduction, but sales of 3D TVs will continue to jump.

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