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Hi my name is Brian with ListenUp in Colorado Springs, Colorado and this is our TechTip Tuesday. My TechTip is going to be on the top ten things I get asked when installing TVs in client’s homes. We get quite a range of questions; here are the ones we are asked most often:

10. Will it last a long time? Generally most new TVs are rated from 60,000 -100,000 hours which translates to 8 hours a day for 25 years. Most clients don’t watch this much TV so you can be assured your TV will last quite a long time.

9. Is screen “burn-in” still a problem? Yes,  images can still get burned into the screen, but it takes a long time. For instance, if you leave a static image like your kids’ game system or the ESPN scroll on screen for two days, it can burn in. The good thing is most TVs have an anti-burn-in feature to alleviate this problem.

8. Does it buzz? If you have an LED or LCD, no it won’t. If you have a plasma it can, but only if it is above 8500 feet. So for a TV here in the Springs you should be fine.

7. What do I do with my old TV? Well if it is a flat panel you can try to sell it. If it is a tube TV we do offer a recycling service where it will be responsibly recycled.

6. Do I need a surge device? Generally we ask that you do put one on in this area. We are prone to brown outs, black outs and lightning strikes. You probably just spent a considerable amount on your TV and a little protection will give you some piece of mind.

5. Do I need HD? Yes! You just bought a great new TV, and high-definition is the only way to experience its best performance.

4. How come it doesn’t look like it did in the store? There are a lot of things behind that. First we have primarily fluorescent lighting. In other stores the TV’s tend to be on vivid mode to catch your eye but this isn’t the best for everyday viewing. We calibrate your TV to make it look like it is meant to look.

3. Is it heavy? No not really. Most new flat panels up to 50-55” weigh less than 100 lbs, compared to old 32” tube TVs that could weigh up to 300 lbs.

2. What can I clean it with? This is a very popular question we get.  You don’t want to clean most new TVswith Windex or paper towels, as they can leave streaks or scratch it. We sell TV cleaning kits that will get rid of finger prints and smudges. The best tip is if you don’t want to clean you glasses with it, don’t clean the TV with it.

And the number 1 question is Can I hook up my VCR? You can but you will not be happy with it. Your VCR is meant for a square TV, 4:3 your new TV is a wide screen, 16:9 and everything will be distorted. The images will look very fuzzy.

Thank you for checking out our TechTip Tuesday. Come in to the store and we will be happy to help you create the entertainment area of your dreams! Here’s a video version of this tech Tip.