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palmSometimes it’s more interesting to look at where we’ve been than where we’re going. The ListenUp Blog team was reminded of that simple truth when we ran across this entertaining list of Top Gadgets of 1997 from Newsweek. Wow, we’ve come a l-o-o-o-ng way. Click thru to read the whole list, but here’s a sample of the products (funny) and what Newsweek said about them (even funnier):

  • PalmPilot Professional: Already expensive at $369, Newsweek reminds the Ricochet wireless modem cost ANOTHER $349, plus $30 a month for service.
  • Sony Playstation: The $149 price tag’s fine, and we had to laugh about reports of an impending “affordable but ultrahighend 128-bit system possibly in partnership with (guess who) Microsoft.”
  • Motorola StarTac 8600 Cellular Phone: Motorola’s big hit of the late ’90s, which cost from $800 to $1,200, this phone was even “wearable with the right armband or necklace accessory. Includes a built-in answering machine!” No secret decoder ring, though.

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