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Gary Wrasse – Speaker Wire – What do they do and do I need them?
I’ve been with ListenUp for 16 years and today I will explain why you need speaker wire and what it does. Speaker wire is a very important component of a given audio video system. We feel strongly about getting the best wire speaker wire that you can afford to make your system sound better. Speaker wire is the longest signal path in your entire system, so a lot of distortion can be created – or in fact inhibited – over that distance based on the quality of the cable. Starting at the source everything is really damage control. Every device – every connection – is either changing coloration or inherently creating some form of distortion. Basically speaker wire is a way to minimize these effects.

Our number one brand, Audioquest, has been around since the 1980s. They have taken a scientific as well as an auditory approach to how they have developed wire. Frequently people think well zip cord or lamp cord it has two conductors and two strands that’s good enough, it won’t make a difference. There is a lot of science involved in getting information to the speakers. Audioquest has played with the geometry and the metallurgy creating an evolution in the process of creating speaker wire. Today’s wire is better and considerably cheaper than the high end was in the 90’s. They have created better wire that does as little damage to the signal as possible. Again damage control in every way. Yes, Audioquest takes a scientific approach and but the key is they listen to everything they make. It’s not just this is a new material lets use it, it is lets listen and listen and listen… they bring them to us and we listen… we listen on different groups of components. And that can make a huge difference.

When you get a new component and you hear a difference you are getting a device that is doing less damage. Again the signal starts at the source and flows down from that point. It is a matter of if you are upgrading… you are getting an improved product and it is doing less damage. Like a new CD player or amplifier speaker wire can be literally just as important in eliminating that damage as any other device.