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Taylor Swift's CES performance was broadcast in 3D.

Taylor Swift's CES performance was recorded and broadcast in 3D.

It wouldn’t be the Consumer Electronics Show if it wasn’t a sensory overload, now would it? (And it was better attended than last year.) So we’ve assembled a look back at the just completed show in Las Vegas, focusing on some of the major themes:

What? Tired of reading? OK, then check out this collection of videos from the show produced by CES. You’ll see everything from Taylor Swift to massage chairs. Here’s another cool way to see CES: Social Circle, a graphic collection of social media comments, photos and more collected dynamically during the show. Go to Social Web, look at the circle of subjects, click one that’s interesting and off you go.


Taylor Swift in 3D: Sony introduced her as a spokesman, then Swift performed and they broadcast it internally in 3D. Click through and see her perform Love Story.

3D Televisions: Speaking of the format, Panasonic rolled out several 3D capable flat-screens. Attend a 3D demo.

I want my 3D: Hey, Hollywood and sports can’t hog all the buzz surrounding 3D in the home. The folks at Intel, who know a thing or two about computing, want us to know they’re doing big things in the area as well.

It’s a deal: Samsung, Dreamworks, and Technicolor sign a pact want to speed 3D into homes. Are you excited about this 3D thing yet?

You will need 3D glasses, remember?


Connectivity: New products increasingly are offering internet connections to go along with ther regular functionality. Whether it’s a massive flat-panel TV or a Blu-ray player, chances are good it will soon connect to the internet.

Samsung connects: Sure, an iPhone’s fine, but wouldn’t it be cool if you connect to the internet and download apps for your 60-inch plasma TV? Yes it would.


Microsoft’s new tablet:  Top man Steve Ballmer introduced what some folks say is a very early prototype that didn’t answer many questions about what it might eventually do. Read more.

Three tablets, please: Computing tablets are being rolled out over the place at CES. Here’s a look at three from HP, Lenovo, Sony.

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