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avatarThe momentum keeps building for 3D viewing in your home. Until now, though, most of the news has been about the equipment needed to enable home viewing. Now come news of programming, the biggest hurdle, with this week’s announcement from ESPN and Discovery Communications that they will launch 3-D television networks. Find out when they will launch (sooner than you think) and what to expect.

MORE 3D NEWS: It’s a safe bet that Avatar will be among the biggest, if not the biggest, box office successes of all time. As of Sunday (Jan. 3, the film had grossed over $1 billion worldwide in just three weekends. But the film’s impact won’t just be felt in theaters. Director James Cameron’s film, which will certainly break 3D records in theaters, wants to see more 3D content in homes. “I think it’s going to be great,” Cameron said in an interview on Attack of the Show. Everybody’s going to be scrambling around for 3D content. We can’t make these big, blockbuster movies fast enough.”

He’s not the only one: a new survey shows half of all consumers want to see 3D in their home theaters as well. It’s not just about films on 3D: news arrived this week that the first 3D Gaming Summit will be held April 21-22 in Los Angeles to explore how the $50 billion global games industry aided by new technologies like stereoscopic 3D, are bridging the gap between interactive and linear entertainment.

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