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trekWhat? You have to ASK what’s new on DVD this week? You haven’t seen the onslaught of ads for the latest installment in the Star Trek story? Well, we’re here to help: the J.J. Abrams directed flick re-ignites the series with energy that it hasn’t had in some time. Chris Pine earned high praise for his turn as Captain Kirk (sorry Mr. Shatner). You might say that the week’s other new release, Bruno, occupies an entirely different universe of movie fans. And we’re not certain what the universe inhabited by fans of Sacha Baron Cohen’s gender-bending Candid Camera exploits might look like, but a funhouse comes to mind. My Sister’s Keeper is a tear-jerker starring Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin. The first rule of Fight Club is, you don’t talk about Fight Club. Unless, of course, the cult film comes out in a Blu-ray special edition packed full of features such as commentaries and behind-the-scenes fare in the film that starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Don’t tell anyone we told you.

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