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The reviews are rolling in for Rotel’s 15 series, and they’re great. The most recent review in the September issue of The Absolute Sound has Neil Gader remarking about the RA-1520 and RCD-1520’s “Performance, value … and now great looks!” He goes on to compare Rotel’s power ratings to Rolls Royce’s previous standards of not publishing horsepower ratings.

“Years ago, when Rolls Royce motor cars never published horsepower figures, its spokesmen would respond to press inquiries with a knowing smile and the simple statement that the power was deemed ‘adequate.’ Rotel is an exemplar of this sort of understatement. Rotel may not have reinvented this segment of the high end, but with the RA-1520 and more notably the RCD-1520 it continues to find more transparency, more performance, more music with each succeeding model line. Could there be anything more “adequate” than that?