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The Tannoy i30 is a great-sounding portable iPod speaker system.

The Tannoy i30 is a great-sounding portable iPod speaker system.

No matter what those striking Apple TV ads suggest, we don’t all dance around madly (or dance around at all) with a brightly colored Nano in our hands. So how best to get more out of our incredibly portable iPods?

Consider the Tannoy i30 for just $129 (that’s a $270 savings). At 8 pounds, with a sturdy handle hidden in back, it’s ready to move at any time. With five adaptors, it can work with the Mini; Nano; Nano 2G, 5G; U2 with video; 5G with video and iPhone. You can even use an additional adapter and make some noise with the original iPod Classic. Like a computer, it charges the iPod battery as it plays. And the remote allows you to mute the music just before picking up the phone and talking business as if you weren’t just listening to the Raconteurs.

Which brings us to sound. Listen, you can go to the specs and look for yourself at how they built it, what matters to me comes out of the speakers. And what comes out of this handsome black system is warm, clean sound at any volume.

Check out the Tannoy i30. It’s certainly worth it at full price — at $129, it’s a steal.

Joe Rassenfoss

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