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ideccoPeachtree Audio has been rolling out great products for a long time, so it’s no surprise when the company wins an award. But it does present a good opportunity to remind everyone of the Peachtree products you can check out online at ListenUp.

The award-winner in question is the Nova D/A integrated amplifier, which Sterophile magazine just tabbed as a 2009 Product of the Year in the Budget Component category. What’s not to love about a device that delivers the best possible sound from nearly any digital device, whether it’s your computer, Sonos digital music system, Squeezebox, Apple TV, Wadia iTransport or XM/Sirius satellite radio tuner?

And don’t forget the iDecco, which does all of the above PLUS it has a dock for your iPod.  A recent review in gives a hint at how great iDecco can be: “The iDecco is the first product to ‘hardwire’ an iPod cradle to an installed superior DAC (digital to audio converter) for a ‘pure digital’ connection … Now that’s wicked cool. At least to the second power. If loaded with uncompressed files, it has the iPod morph into a bona fide legitimate high-end music server.” Read more.

What could be better? How about a specially priced combo package?. We’re offering The Nova and the new DS5.5 speakers, a killer desktop music system, for $300 less than if you bought these products separately! Check it out in cherry, rosewood and gloss black.

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