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nutha nadThe arrival of the NAD M2 is a big deal. Visit Listen Up’s web site for the complete details, but in short here’s why it’s such an advance in audio technology: “The M2 is really three high performance components in one (preamp, power amp and Digital-to-Analog Converter) and can directly drive your loudspeakers. The M2 is the first digital amplifier that can match the best linear amplifiers for low noise and distortion, delivering better than Class A sound with Class D efficiency.” That’s all technical stuff, of course, and you can get far more at But we asked Pearl Street store manager Chris Havekost to explain M2 in more personal terms. “I set it up and it sounded fantastic, but what stuck me the most about the M2 is that it’s incredibly quiet. Any typical audio system you turn on will have some small amount of noise or hiss from the equipment. But this unit is dead silent. And what that means to the listening experience is that music comes out from this incredible ‘black’ background, which makes the sound far more dynamic.”

Black? “For example, they keep a movie theater pitch black so you realize more dynamics from the movie. So, it’s the same for audio: If you listen to something against a black background the music is more engaging, dynamic.”

In addition to being state of the art, the M2’s just now slowly rolling out. At the moment, ListenUp has one to share among its three stores. It’s at the Pearl Street location through Thursday (Nov. 12), then heads to the Boulder store for the weekend. Interested in getting one? Call any of the stores to learn about how to get on the list; Havekost said those who put down a deposit are ensured the next one that arrives. Learn more.