Posted by & filed under Audio. has a great review of the NAD C 565BEE CD Player. As they are quick to note, the NAD “is more than just your run of the mill CD player. It’s a two-channel enthusiast’s dream come true at a very affordable price.” HTR Managing Editor Andrew Robinson doesn’t stop there: “It is a CD player but it is also a DAC and damn fine one at that. Overall, regardless of what I played, the C 565BEE proved to be quite a capable player possessing a calm, soothing demeanor that was never forward or aggressive even when pushed. The level of detail the C 565BEE is able to reproduce is unlike anything I’ve encountered at this price point and beyond. I’d happily put the C 565BEE’s performance up against players retailing for $5,000.”

Intrigued? Learn more about the NAD C 565BEE and buy it at ListenUp.