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NAD has been manufacturing high-value electronics since 1972. Their new line of amplifiers, pre amps, and CD players are so good, ListenUp just had to pick up the line. After all, what better time to introduce budget stereo components that don’t sacrifice performance?

NAD became a household name in 1978 with the introduction of the 3020 integrated amplifier. The little $120 amp, with a rated power of 20 watts per channel, created a stir because it bested most amplifiers costing 4 times as much. What NAD knew is for an amp to recreate music it must be able to supply power on demand. That is to say speakers do not require 100 watts of power all of the time, only when the music calls for it. If you were able to see how much power you were using while listening to music you would find yourself using 5 to 45 watts most of the time. It’s during dynamic passages that you need more power. So while the 3020 was rated at 20  watts per channel continuously it sounded much more powerful. It had “dynamic head room.”

Before getting into more detail about dynamic head room you need to know the basics of manufacturer specifications. Most companies rate their products in ways that inflate the numbers. NAD and other reputable manufacturers rate their amplifiers as real world power, or as NAD calls it, Full Disclosure Power. So while their ratings may look low on paper, they usually trump the other guys in reality.

Thirty years after the 3020, NAD has introduced the C315BEE, which retails for $350 and is rated at 40 watts per channel continuous power. Using the NASA inflation calculator, $120 in 1978 is equal to $401 today. The math alone makes the C315BEE a bargain, it is $51 less expensive than what a 3020 would cost today and it is twice the rated power. As good as the C315BEE is, the next model up, the C326BEE is an even better value. This $499 integrated amplifier can be paired with speakers many times its price and not be embarrassed.

Equally good is their line of CD players and separate components. Checkout to see the full line or come by the store to see and hear their incredible high value products.

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