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mjThey might have called the film This Is It,  but we all know there’s no way “this is it” as far as Michael Jackson material rolling into stores. But the arrival of the documentary on DVD and Blu-ray is a very big deal, perhaps one of the last big retail events for the Gloved One. (Unless there’s Beatles-like reissue of his albums in a few years.) So what do you get on this home video release? For one, there’s a 40-minute documentary that reveals more of the stage props and other effects planned for the spectacle. You also get three “featurettes” and two of the short films created for the tour. Read the Washington Post review for more details. That’s not the only new home video release this week.

  • WWII in HD: Amazon describes the quality of these World War II images “surprisingly good” and the ultimate result “nothing short of astonishing.” And also “graphic.”
  • Surrogates: It stars Bruce Willis, it’s a thriller.
  • Saw VI: Seriously, how thin can this franchise be sliced?
  • Paris, Texas: Director Wim Wenders’ classic from 1983 gets the Blu-ray treatment.

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