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The fourth in our series of live recordings from downtown Denver’s legendary Ebbets Field nightclub features:

  • New digital transfers for the best sound ever
  • Unforgettable performances from blues masters Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and Freddie King
  • A previously unreleased song by Spirit
  • Beautiful ballads from singer-songwriters Dan Fogelberg, John David Souther and Joan Armatrading
  • Smokin’ numbers from The Marshall Tucker Band and Doc & Merle Watson

The latest edition of ListenUp’s Live from Ebbets Field series is truly special, as David Glasser of Airshow Mastering has painstakingly adjusted his state-of-the-art reel-to-reel tape deck to coax the absolute best sound out of ListenUp’s original master tapes. Add in today’s cutting-edge digital technology used for the transfers, and you’ve got the best-sounding Live from Ebbets Field disc yet. Which is indeed fortunate, as this CD features a stellar lineup:

1. THE BEAU BRUMMELS You Tell Me Why – 6/12/75
2. GENE CLARK Set You Free This Time –2/19/75
3. JOHN DAVID SOUTHER Faithless Love – 7/2/76
4. DAN FOGELBERG Stars – 8/17/74
5. JOAN ARMATRADING Let’s Fall in Love – 911/73
6. DOC & MERLE WATSON Wabash Cannonball – 11/29/73
7. HOWLIN’ WOLF Killing Floor – 8/23/73
8. MUDDY WATERS Rock Me –6/19/73
9. FREDDIE KING Have You Ever Loved A Woman – 1/23/75
10. EL CHICANO Mas Zacate – 9/5/74
11. FRAMPTON’S CAMEL The Lodger – 7/16/73
12. SPIRIT Kristee/My Road – 10/30/74
13. THE MARASHALL TUCKER BAND 24 Hours at a Time – 10/3/73

A brief history of Ebbets
The Seventies was a special decade for music, and Ebbets Field, located on the first level of Brooks Tower near 15th and Curtis streets, was Denver’s premiere music venue of the time. Founded by concert promoters Barry Fey and Chuck Morris, the tiny club’s four-year run saw an amazing array of star power, including Tom Waits, Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and nearly every other significant act on the upswing.

Now ListenUp has assembled compilation CDs of tracks recorded at Ebbets Field. A portion of the profits from Live From Ebbets Field Vol. 4 , the fourth sampler of an ongoing series, go directly to the Morgan Adams Foundation , which raises awareness and financial support for pediatric cancer research and treatments. This goldmine of tracks will take listeners back a few decades, presenting a striking snapshot of the live music from that era — a thrill for both veterans of the Ebbets scene and new generations that have only heard of the legend.