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TVUntil recently, the decision for those purchasing a flat-screen TV boiled down to this question: Plasma or LCD? But in the past year a new acronym has crept into the equation: LED.

What’s that? An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is essentially a tiny light bulb, illuminated by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor. In a conventional LCD TV, fluorescent tubes are used as the backlight to illuminate the screen. An LED TV is really an LCD TV that uses an LED backlight. Most of these models have LEDs placed just along the edges of the panel, but some of the newer high-end sets have LEDs on the back of the full display. The result? Deeper blacks and better color saturation, which creates better picture quality.

That’s the case with the Sharp LC-32LE700UN, which uses a full array of LED backlights behind its 32-inch screen, as opposed to the edge-only array. A recent reviewer in Home Theater Review noted he was ” impressed with the LC-32LE700UN’s handling of all different source types, from video games to HDTV to DVD to Blu-ray … its colors look rich and inviting without being overblown or cartoonish.”  He went on to add: “It has the versatility to perform well with multiple sources in a variety of viewing environments, and would make an especially good choice for gaming and sports fans.” Here’s the full review.

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