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HEAR FOR YOURSELF: Hear the quality of High Resolution Music by downloading these free, legal songs from Reference Recordings.

Who says you have to settle for the lower audio quality of an MP3 file when you listen to your digital music collection at home? The growing High Resolution Music movement offers a better alternative through web sites such as, where you can download CD-quality digital files and find other high-quality downloads. (Read more about the movement toward better audio in this New York Times story.

But once you download that music, how to best realize the high-quality sound? Our Colorado Springs store has the answer in the Majik DS-I. This digital stream player from Linn offers audio quality that’s superior to a CD player. How good? Linn discontinued making CD players to focus on streamers.  In addition to your digital music collection, it also can deliver amazing sound from internet radio.

Like any high quality product, the Majik DS-I is even better in person, and there’s only place you can hear it: Our Colorado Springs store. Give them a call (719-633-2600) or drop by soon (map) to hear for yourself.