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It’s happened to all of us: We KNOW something we need is under our nose, but we just can’t find it. Most people keep fumbling around, but at ListenUp we’ve done something about it. Specifically, we’ve improved the search tools on our web site.

How’s it different? Let’s say you want to check out Denon products ranging from receivers to headphones and Blu-ray players. Go ahead, type it in and search. You’ll get a great result with photos, text and a price. But let’s say you’re price conscious: select “Price: Low to High” in the pulldown box at the top of the search return and you’ll get a list ranked from lowest to highest price. (Feeling flush? Select High To Low.) Want to browse more quickly? Select the Grid view for photos and prices alone. The left side of the page is filled with even more links (Most popular, as well as by product) that guide you deeper into Denon’s offerings.

In other words: We’ve made it easier than ever to lose yourself browsing at ListenUp, but you’ll never feel lost.