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UPDATE (April 26): Nearly 7 million copies (4 million DVDs, 2.7 million Blu-ray discs) of Avatar have been purchased since the blockbuster’s film’s home video release last Thursday. That’s a record for home video, eclipsing the 2008 release of the Batman film Dark Knight. And the numbers figure to keep dazzling when the home video becomes available in the United Kingdom today.

Earth Day, better known as the day Avatar comes out on home video, is April 22. It’s appropriate that recycling is such a big part of Earth Day, because this will be the first of several times we’ll be having a big Avatar home video rollout. This is the simple one: a DVD and Blu-ray release. Soon enough, we’ll be hearing about its home release in 3D. Probably about  a year or so after that, we’ll hear about the boxed-set with added scenes (that movie comes out this summer, actually). And have you heard about the sequels being planned? But why stop there? More Avatar news:

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