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Did somebody say Apple has a new product? Oh yeah, the iPad! And look at all the headlines it’s making.

  • The enormous popularity of iPad in North America has led Apple to back off its previously scheduled worldwide launch. Find out when they expect to roll out now.
  • Many users are complaining the Wi-Fi connection is weak, while others say they weren’t able to connect with Wi-Fi at all. Some notice laying the iPad on a flat surface exacerbates the problem. Read on. And Apple has offered this response to help clear up the issue/
  • Here’s a good iPad primer and review from the folks at SFGate.
  • Haven’t taken yours out of the box yet? Here’s a video of how to unwrap the iPad and get it started.
  • GamePro’s experts discuss how the iPad will (or won’t) change video gaming. And here are five must-have games for your iPad.
  • Savant sees iPad broadening the appeal of home control. In case you missed it, here are 10 ways to turn it into a remote.
  • Oops, the iPad has been hacked already.
  • Blend it, beat it, hype it and buy it are just some of the themes of the many iPad videos already out there. Check out this collection, then look at ListenUp’s video on our Facebook page.
  • Competition is out there, if you want to compare the iPad to other tablets, especially from HP and Microsoft, who are leaking details of their new Slate that show it to be superior to the iPad.

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