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Bob Dylan will donate all proceeds of his holiday album to charity.

Bob Dylan will donate all proceeds of his holiday album to charity.

It’s not Christmas yet, is it? I know there’s been snow in the air, but hey, the Rockies are still playing and … oh, never mind. Somebody out there (the music industry?) says the holidays start in earnest this week. How else to explain all the good cheer sledding into stores. So what’s in Santa’s bag? There’s the Ultimate Christmas Collection from The Jackson 5; Neil Diamond’s Cherry Cherry Christmas; Aretha Franklin’s This Christmas, and Christmas Wish by Olivia Newton-John.

And we haven’t even mentioned the talk of the holiday releases, which arrives today: Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart. At first dismissed by many Dylan faithful as a travesty or sellout, the album has since garnered a number of positive reviews, including one from USA Today that praised his work as “ebullient and drunk on the spirit of the season.”

And how’s this for understanding the season is about giving? Dylan will donate his royalties in perpetuity to three charities that aid the hungry: Feeding America, the U.K.-based Crisis and the United Nations’ World Food Programme.  Want to bet those other artists aren’t making a donation?

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