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More news arrives daily about 3D TV. The highest profile bit concerns The Masters, which has the added boost this year of hosting the return of Tigers Woods to competitive play after his self-imposed sabbatical to deal with his many personal issues. Sony, Comcast and the Masters just  announced  they will offer two hours of 3D coverage daily. Find out how to watch it in 3D. Speaking of sports, Sky just confirmed that it will launch Sky 3D, Europe’s very first 3D TV channel, with the Manchester United and Chelsea Barclays Premier League match on Saturday, April 3. And then there’s this news that 3D TV will be big sooner than we expected, if Panasonic sales are a good reflection

Want to buy a 3D TV? Your opportunities are growing, judging by the schedules arriving from every direction. Sony says its first TVs will arrive in June, while Samsung has released pricing for its 3D products. Panasonic’s already selling some 3D TVs.

But will 3D TV be, or not be, the next big thing? Predictions keep coming about its future, the latest from iSuppli, which predicts that global 3D TV shipments will soar to 78 million units in 2015 from just 4.2 million this year. Really? Really, according to this story from Cablefax. Certainly consumers are interested in the potential of 3D. An NPD Group survey released recently found that around one-third of consumers are at least “somewhat interested” in purchasing a 3D TV. Bit they also had concerns, so read more.

For those who dismiss 3D, remember that a lot of people dismissed HDTV, and it’s now in two out of three homes. That explains why Panasonic, which knows a thing or two about tastes in TV, is ready to roll out some award-winning 3D-ready TVs soon.

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