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olysigIs there a better time to have a big flat-screen than the Winter Olympics in Vancouver? And every bit of is being offered in HD. It’s a challenge to keep up with it all, even if you’re commited. When it comes to overall coverage on the web, you can either follow it through the Vancouver Olympics web site or via NBC. Want more guidance? Here are three more ways to keep track:

Television: NBC is your main outpost for primetime and weekend coverage, but as they have in the past, you can also find a wide variety of events being broadcast live during the day on MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Universal Sports and Universal HD. Just visit the page, customize it with your zip code, and you’ll have all times and channel available at a glance.

Internet: It’s hard to beat the NBC Olympic web site, which offers a terrific, intuitive grid that shows you everything at a glance, then allows you to click through to various events for times, links to replays and the like. You can even ask it to alert you via e-mail when your favorite event comes up. Check it out. Or use the schedule on the Vancouver Olympics site. Looking for reporting? Sports Illustrated has you covered.

Real time: Want to keep up with the Olympics as they happen? One of the best ways is to follow the various athletes using Twitter. NBC has assembled a list of athletes that range from superstars (Lindsey Vonn) to lesser known stars (Nicole Joraanstad, American curling team). If you already have a Twitter account, just sign up for this list. If you don’t have a Twitter account, this is a great opportunity to sign up and see the value of its real-time news delivery.

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