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As we saw at the Super Bowl on Sunday, sometimes your power source can be a real issue. Having a reliable source of clean, surge-protected power is especially important in your home entertainment system…

AC power, as delivered, is contaminated with noise, and additional noise is added by your everyday appliances, computer power supplies, etc. This degrades the performance of your sensitive audio/video components. Plus, electrical surges and spikes have become almost a daily occurrence, and these and other harmful AC events can put your valuable equipment at risk.

A good power conditioner filters and cleans incoming AC power and dramatically improves your equipment’s performance. Audio sounds better and your picture looks cleaner. It will also  increase the longevity of your connected components since contaminated AC adds wear and tear to power supplies and other internal circuits. And a good power conditioner protects your equipment from damaging AC events such as surges, spikes, lightning and high voltage.

All power conditioners are not the same!
The average surge suppressor or power strip offers little in the way of protection and doesn’t filter or clean contaminated power at all. However, Furman power conditioners always offer a high level of protection and purification. Take a look at our Furman power solutions here, or visit the ListenUp store nearest you today and find out how this cost-effective upgrade can benefit your system.


Furman Power Solutions

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