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denonRecently in Sterophile magazine, reviewer John Marks got an earful of Denon’s SC-CX303 speakers. And he was delighted with what he heard, writing: “The SC-CX303 is a great little speaker.”

More specifically, here’s what Marks had to say about its audio quality: “Mysterious Mountains, a demanding SACD of symphonic music by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, should have made the SC-CX303s give up, but it didn’t. The timpani in Symphony 66, Hymn to Glacier Peak, were impressive both in dynamics and bass extension, and the imaging and soundstaging were overall quite good. Well done.”

Marks also love the way they look: “There’s high-quality woodwork on all surfaces, with a wonderful raised-panel effect on the back.” Read the entire review.

That’s all great news, but here’s even better news: you can find these speakers online at ListenUp for 20% off right now. So take a look.