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Classe and B&W have worked together to take amplifiers to a higher level.

Classe and B&W have worked together to take amplifiers to a higher level.

The acquisition of Classé Audio’s ultra high-end electronics design and manufacturing by B&W Group has resulted in some exciting new products. The Classé Delta series was the first step in aligning the venerable brands. Classé CA-M400s now flank B&W loudspeakers at Abbey Road Studios and other famous venues. B&W/Classé music and home theater systems grace the homes of thousands of delighted owners. Even the popular B&W Zeppelin is the product of collaboration between the acoustics and electronics experts of B&W and Classé.

The collaboration reached new heights when it came to optimizing the CT800 range. In a unique partnership of acoustic and electronic excellence, the Classé Design team in Montreal worked with B&W’s Steyning Research Establishment every step of the way. Their task was simple: design the world’s best amplifier. The result is sublime. Classé Custom Theater electronics have both the power and the grace to suspend disbelief.

The CT electronics range consists of five models: the CT-SSP surround sound preamp/processor, and four amplifiers, CT-M600 (Monaural 600W), CT-M300 (Monaural 300W), CT-2300 (2x300W) and CT-5300 (5x300W). The CT-SSP is identical to the universally acclaimed SSP-800, except for its unique rack-advantaged chassis. Performance, control flexibility and feature set are all retained while the new CT chassis makes it easy to install.

The CT amplifiers introduce a revolutionary design architecture with simplified and shortened signal paths and cutting edge parts. Their Class A and A/B circuitry is powered by a conventional linear power supply. Exceptionally high power output is achieved in a remarkably compact chassis thanks to the detachable Quiet Flow™ faceplate and ICTunnel™ (aka Icy Tunnel) heatsink design.

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