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The new P5 Mobile Headphone from B&W, designed for use with iPods

Terrific products are always arriving, so it can be hard for even us to keep up with all of it. Here’s a look at three great products to help YOU keep up.

Denon AVR-3311: When it comes to receivers, Denon always means quality, but the AVR-3311 takes that performance to a new level by being the first Denon receiver that’s network-ready AND capable of passing 3D video support. That means a whole new world of content choices, from Rhapsody to Napster, photo viewing via flickr, and access to photos and music tracks on your DLNA-compatible multi-media home PC. Learn more and find more receivers.

B&W P5 Headphones: Everyone knows B&W makes incredible speakers, but the company’s never made headphones in nearly five decades of audiophile excellence. Until now: meet the P5 Mobile Headphone, designed for use with iPods. B&W engineers have “worked tirelessly to produce a headphone with a natural, unfatiguing performance through a combination of the closed-back design and the sealed leather ear pads.” The P5 comes with a “Made for iPod” approved cable as well as a high-quality, standard cable with gold plated plugs. Learn more (in store only) and find more headphones.

B&W MM1 computer speakers: Speaking of that B&W speaker tradition, the company’s just launched these awesome, true hi-fi computer speakers. Most computer speakers have to make do with just one drive unit to handle the full spectrum of frequencies. The MM-1, just like a full-size speaker, has two drivers — one dedicated to bass and midrange frequencies and another for the treble. Learn more (in store only). Find more speakers.