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It’s been a great stretch for cool new products: Dr. Dre,  iPad, the new 800 Series speakers from B&W, Runco’s efficient, amazing new projector. Shall we review?

  • We just read an interesting review in Stereophile about Monster Cable’s Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Headphones. Cool stuff. You can hear how great these noise-canceling headphones are by visiting our Pearl Street store in Denver, which has a great headphones display to compare these and other phones side by side. Did you see the great TV ad Dre did for Dr. Pepper, which featured the ‘phones? Watch it here. And we’re not done with Monster yet. Check out the video interview we had at CEDIA with “Head Monster” Noel Lee.
  • If you want to hear the best, make sure to visit one of our stores to experience the new 800 Series speakers from B&W, which feature terrific diamond cone techology.
  • Though not nearly as technologically advanced, these Boston Acoustics speakers just got a great review.
  • Apple has decided to push back the worldwide rollout of the iPad until the end of May. Find out why and catch up on all the other news surrounding the hot new product.
  • The new search tools on the ListenUp site are extremely cool, make shopping by model and price easier than ever.
  • Seen our YouTube Channel yet? Lots of cool products to look at, hear about.
  • Runco’s amazing, energy efficient projector is worth seeing.
  • Learn how streamers can transform your PC into a high-end audio system

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