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abbeyThere have been many words written about last September’s release of the remastered Beatles catalog. But few have been as close to the process as a recent conversation on the B&W site with Allan Rouse, who coordinated the re-mastering project at Abbey Road Studios. It was a big job, consuming four years and resulting in the 13 albums that the Beatles released in the UK being reissued in stereo (the first 10 were reissued in mono as a boxed set). Rouse describes the fascinating process in detail, discussing how the band’s evolving studio technique, change in studio engineers and other elements changed their sound and challenged the remastering.

B&W, as you may know, has a long connection with the Abbey Road Studios. Learn more. Did you attend our listening party at Twist & Shout back in September? Look here to see if you made it in our photo slideshow. And B&W just announced that the latest version of its 800 Series speakers will all have diamond tweeter technology.