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Seth Schiesel says that “The Beatles: Rock Band” video game “may prove only slightly less influential than the band’s famous 1964 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.” Now think about that for a minute, because anyone who saw that performance knows that it changed everything musically in America. Sheisel’s essay in the New York Times doesn’t stop there, predicting “it may be the most important video game yet made.”

Want to find out for yourself? Check out our free listening party at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Twist and Shout, 2508 E. Colfax Ave. in Denver, to see the game and also check out the (finally) remastered Beatles albums. We’re bringing a $40,000 B&W/McIntosh stereo system for the new albums and a huge flat-panel HDTV to play the video game. Learn more about the event.

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