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termWant to upgrade your DVD collection to Blu-ray, but worry about the added cost? Two home video publishing houses have new plans to save you money:

  • WARNER BROS. HOME VIDEO: Check out Start by visiting the site and selecting the Warner Bros. movies in your collection that you would like to upgrade to DVD. After paying, mail your old DVDs of those movies to Warner; when they receive your discs, the new Blu-Rays are shipped to you. While it’s a little involved, it’s also very inexpensive: many of the Blu-ray titles are available for as low as $7.95 and $9.95. See for yourself.
  • WALT DISNEY HOME VIDEO: The Disney Blu-Ray Upgrade Program works along the same lines as the Warner Bros. Program. Visit the site, create a coupon for the DVD you’re turning in, then mail it off to Disney. The difference: at this point Disney sends you a coupon to purchase those titles for $8 off the purchase price.

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