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ZonePlayer S5 has a built-in amplifier and stereo speakers

ZonePlayer S5 has a built-in amplifier and stereo speakers

UPDATE: A new update for the Sonos operating system will give ZonePlayer S5 owners  additional streaming ability and some other cool features.

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 has been a popular item the moment it rolled out last fall for  audiophiles craving wireless control of their systems. Partially because of its affordability ($399) and also because it could be managed through an iPhone or iPod Touch. It didn’t hurt when influential New York Times tech guru David Pogue praised the S5. (This recent review offers praise as well.)

So what do you get? It’s a one-piece tabletop client with built-in amplifier and stereo speakers. Like Sonos clients that connect to separate passive speakers or existing stereo systems, the S5 wirelessly streams PC- and network-attached storage-stored music and, via a networked broadband modem, Internet music sources. Here’s another cool aspect of the product: iPhone and iPod Touch owners can use a free, downloadable app to send commands via a Wi-Fi network to one or more S5 clients or Sonos’ other clients. You can learn more and buy one at ListenUp.

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