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bwdiamondThe first of B&W’s 800 Series speakers are beginning to arrive in stores. Not all of the models are available yet, and supplies are limited, so orders will need to be placed at first. But it’s worth a visit now if you’re serious about buying the very best speakers. Give them a listen at our stores in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs.

And why are these so important? The  B&W 800 Series represents founder John Bowers’ goal: create the perfect loudspeaker. Over the past three decades, the Series has become the gold standard in high end loudspeaker design. And as they say at B&W: “The 800 Series has never been inexpensive, but it has always offered extraordinary performance for the dollar.”

The company recently announced that performance will be even better with its impending launch of the 800 Series Diamond. This range brings Bowers & Wilkins’ famous diamond tweeter technology to every model in the series, meaning that the truly exceptional diamond performance will now be available at a price point 45% lower than in the last generation.

So why are diamonds so good? The company forms synthesized diamonds into complex shapes that create a tweeter dome whose rigidity enables it to range up the frequency scale as possible, but whose lightness allows for fast response. “The material that gets closest to the behavior of a hypothetical perfect tweeter is diamond,” the company says.

Don’t run to the store yet. The rollout begins slowly over the coming weeks and all of the new models are not expected to be readily available until mid-year. But know that as these terrific new speakers begin to arrive, ListenUp will be among the very first retailers. Stay in touch with the process by signing up for our e-mail alerts, becoming a fan on Facebook or following us on Twitter. You can do it all on the ListenUp home page.